All in one cloud based DMP software

HubSolv allows debt management companies to effectively manage large scores of data to qualify potential debt management cases. Once qualified, HubSolv can automate proposals, calculate fees and repayments, automate payments in and out to debtors and creditors, report on every aspect of the business and much more.

Automatic follow-ups

Instantly schedule sequences of re-contact reminders, personalised emails, letters and SMS text messages.

Trigger actions

Assign tasks, send emails and set reminders on any event to improve productivity.

Digital Signatures

Automate documents and email them with digital signature capabilities.

Banking Capabilities

Batch process matched payments in and out to creditors and debtors.

Payment Automation

Batch process banking processes. Deal with payments in and out to debtors and creditors.

Get a clear view on your cases & priority tasks

Task based environment that improves productivity, conversions & retentions. Focus on important cases and rapidly qualify debtors.

Task based

Improve productivity with automated task based processes to ensure debtors don't slip through the net.


DMP contributions, fees and terms can all be calculated at the click of a button.

Instant proposals

Generate proposal packs to be emailed or printed with the click of a button.

Follow ups

Schedule reminders and follow ups for debtors who are not ready to make a decision. Automate the nurturing process.

HubSolv Analytics

Schedule reports to hit your inbox every week on any key metrics you wish.

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