Call your clients from HubSolv. All you need is a headset

Why use a separate dialler or telephony solution when it can all be taken care of under one roof? HubSolv seamlessly integrates with SYNETY to provide click to call or progressive dialling capabilities to improve your team’s productivity and ensure compliance with call recording.

Why use HubSolv's dialler integration?

Click to call

Phone clients by clicking on phone numbers from within HubSolv.

Call recording

HubSolv allows you to record all calls made through the SYNETY dialler.

Progressive dialler

Work more efficiently with progressive dialling campaigns allowing your staff to call large batches of data without manual dialling.


Report on staff activity and other call metrics.

Why use a seperate dialler system when HubSolv takes care of calls?

Make more calls and ensure compliance with call recording.

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