Every tool your company needs in one fully compliant environment

Our insolvency and debt management modules allow companies to automate the case management of debtors efficiently in a collaborative and compliant environment that cuts out the noise and allows your team to get on with priority tasks.


Less work. Greater rewards.

HubSolv allows you to automate large parts of the insolvency and debt management process. From initial contacts and follow ups to document generation, task setting, creditor correspondence and much more.

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Mobile & Tablet

Every tool. Anywhere. Anytime.

Work on any device or on the move. Update case details in real time and communicate with colleagues, debtors and creditors. Upload documents straight into the client's case with centralised document management.

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Spend less time on banking & cashiering

Automate banking transactions and ensure payment schedules are running on time. Automate correspondence to people who have missed payments and distribute payments to creditors at the click of a button.

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Trust HubSolv with your data

Use HubSolv's advisory environment to ensure your staff are informing debtors of all the options available to them. Gathering all the necessary information to make an informed decision. Detailed reporting and information gather ensures you are working in a compliant and efficient manner.

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Diary lines &
Perfect team harmony

Company-wide oversight & accountability

Staff can collaborate effectively in a timely manner and give full visibility of how cases are being run. Drill into tasks and diary lines with the click of a button, automate key processes in the insolvency and debt management lifecycle throughout.

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Between Creditors, debtors and all interested parties

Secure creditor portal, automated communication throughout the case timeline to debtors and creditors. Email, SMS, phone and posting to our shared platform for creditors and debtors from within HubSolv.

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Elegant Workflows &
Diary lines

Keep your case communication consistent, traceable and easy to initiate.


Keep your documents & filing consistent, traceable and automated.


Pull reports and generate charts on anything from pipelines to current case and creditor reports.

What type of business are you?

Although we build niche software we cater for different types of businesses in this sector. Pick the one that best describes you below.


You qualify, advise and manage IVAs, Trust Deeds, bankruptcies & sequestration cases from start to finish.

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Debt Management

You administer Debt Management plans from prequalification to payments in and payments out.

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Introducer / packager
of cases

You package up insolvency cases and pass them on to insolvency firms to administer at their end.

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