A short history of HubSolv

After working in the personal insolvency industry for many years, we noticed that there was a constant battle to bridge systems and processes together to qualify and manage personal insolvency and debt management cases. We wanted to create an environment that placed people struggling with debt, creditors and insolvency practitioners in perfect harmony.

We knocked our heads together, listened hard, changed quickly and HubSolv was born.

Who we are

HubSolv was founded in 2014 by two school friends, Fraser Hamilton and Lewis Black.

Lewis graduated from university with distinction and went on to develop applications and projects for big names like BBC, PwC, CIPD and the Bank Workers Charity.

Fraser spent time working as a web developer for Hilton Hotels before moving into the world of insolvency, working for a start-up that grew to one of the largest providers of Trust Deeds in the UK.

It was here that Lewis and Fraser got to work and after many late nights building, revising and tinkering, HubSolv was created.

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